Frequently Asked Questions

Updated July 2017

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When does the event start?

The event itself will start after lunch and will continue until the evening with the cocktail. All ticket holders are also welcome to sign-up for an activity of their choice – organized by our sponsors. The activities will be announced through our newsletter, and spaces are limited (approximately 15 per activity), so we recommend that you sign-up quickly. The activities usually take place between 9am – 11am. We recommend that you regularly visit our website and check your SPAM folders for our newsletters as they will give you the exact details for the day’s schedule. The venue will be open for general access – registration, sponsor booth visits, networking from 11am (check the website for the final schedule).

Can I enter the event after it has started and leave before? Are in-n-outs allowed?

It is possible to enter and leave the event as you wish; however, we recommend that you come on time and stay for full sessions and the networking cocktail to gain the full experience of attending a TEDx conference. Doors to the rooms will be opened / closed for entry and exit while the MC is speaking. You cannot enter and leave the conference room while a speaker is giving their speeches as it can be distracting.

Who will be the speakers?

In the spirit of TED, we encourage people to join the event to be inspired, regardless of who is speaking. However, we understand you are curious, so we will introduce the speakers on our social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and website once we get closer to the event date in November. We promise that you will not be disappointed.

How do I get to the venue?

Please see for detailed information on how to get to the venue.


In what language will the event be held?

The event will be held solely in English (no translations provided).

Will TEDxMonteCarlo provide translators/translations?

No translations will be provided.


When will the tickets go on sale?

For 2017, the tickets will go on sale by July/August. Keep an eye on our social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and sign-up for our newsletter as we will send notifications once the sale starts.

Can I buy group tickets?

Yes you can. We also have an option for corporate participations through a “Fonds Social/Comité d’Entreprise” participation as well, but the requests should be received by September 15th, 2017 . Please send an email to and include “Group Tickets” in the subject of your email.

How much is the ticket?

€88 for regular tickets and €50 for students (limited quantity). This includes a full day event, including a complimentary break, a goodie bag and an open bar cocktail at the end of the event. We have an early bird discount of 10% until September 15th for a limited number of tickets.

Can I buy tickets on the day at the venue?

Unfortunately, TEDxMonteCarlo does not provide this option.

Do I need to print my ticket?

Yes. Your ticket will be your badge and access to the event. If you forget to print your ticket, we can print one for you, but your registration process will take more time.

I purchased a ticket, but I cannot make it. Can I give the ticket to someone else?

Yes you can. Try to make the name change through your ticket confirmation with WEEZEVENT. Make sure your contact prints a copy of your ticket as they will need it to enter the venue. You can also email us at for help. Please include “Ticketing” in the subject of your email.


I would like to become a sponsor for the event, what do I do?

As TEDxMonteCarlo is fully organized and run by volunteers, we are dependent on sponsors like you! Please contact for our partnership deck and include “Partnership Request” in the subject of your email.

Can I sponsor in-kind?

Yes you can. Please contact for more information and include “In-Kind Partnership” in the subject of your email.


Can I apply as or recommend a speaker?

TEDxMonteCarlo carefully selects each of its speakers based on the theme and fit for the event. However, we are open to receiving speaker applications. If interested in becoming or recommending a speaker, send an email to and include in subject of your email – “Speaker Recommendation”.


I would like to join the team!

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please go to our contact page and fill in the team application form. Please note that our Core Team has been filled and that we are mainly looking for volunteers to help us on the day of the event. If you are volunteering, you will be missing the speaker speeches, but you will have an incredible experience as part of our team.

Download the FAQ PDF